Information for providers participating in Accountable Care Coalition
of New Jersey.

Accountable Care Coalition of New Jersey is designed to reinforce your best efforts by providing:

  • a framework for improved coordination of care

  • added clinical support

  • new resources to close gaps in care coordination for Medicare Fee-For-Service beneficiaries (beneficiaries)

Accountable Care Coalition of New Jersey has been accepted to participate in a Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Our ACO is committed to meeting the three objectives set forth by the Federal government: improved care for individuals; improved health for populations; and, lower growth in per capita expenditures.

Collaborative Health Systems will support the ACO with services ranging from health information analytics to care coordination and certain other administrative support.

Below you will find links to useful documents and forms:

Provider Handbook
A complete guide to our ACO, including a checklist for participating providers and their staff.

Accountable Care Organizations: What Providers Need to Know 
Information on what the Shared Savings Program means for health care providers and suppliers.

Document Library
A library that houses ACO documents that are important to providers.

The following document can be shared with beneficiaries to help them understand the ACO program:
Accountable Care Organizations and You: Frequently Asked Questions

Accountable Care Coalition of New Jersey physicians:
Learn More: To learn more about becoming a ACC of New Jersey provider, please call Director Shawn Bassett at 914-715-5526 or email:

Learn more about Collaborative Health Systems.

ACO Training
Click here to access the Collaborative Health Systems ACO Training Website for Providers.

ACO Hotline
To report issues, call:

ACO Compliance Officer
Michael Yount

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